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Vídeo: Como fazer o Nó de Gravata Windsor

Aprenda a fazer de forma simples o nó de gravata windsor

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  1. Dragica Djurin

    Necklace around Pula Arena
    About Pula's Arena on October 18, 2003 is the largest tie in the world. "The Tie around the Arena" is the work of Marijan Bušić and has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest and longest tie in the world. She wielded the outer walls of the Arena and represented a message of openness, warmth and love. It weighed about 800 kilograms, it was eight feet wide and in its widest part was 26 meters, while the knot of the neck was about nine feet deep. In the largest tie in the world, about ten thousand meters of cloth was seized, and 120 kilometers of knots were consumed.
    What does the color of the tie mean?
    Red color is power, richness, power, and passion. Often, they are led by office leaders or groups of people who need to be motivated. Blue is a calming color that means peace and temper. It is the best choice to go to conversations that are quarrelsome and harsh words because peace and temper are not to be understood as a sign of weakness, but as perseverance and longevity.
    The yellow color of the sun represents a positive atmosphere and vitality. People who have this cravat color usually radiate heat and transfer their positive energy to people around them.
    Green represents growth and renewal. People who like to learn and increase their knowledge and skills often decide for a green color.
    Brown is a person who is very grounded and realistic. Although many consider that man should have great ambitions and ambitions, a certain amount of obesity is always desirable. People wearing a brown color are most likely to be very reliable.
    Black represents formality. She often dresses up on occasions and social events that require seriousness.

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